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I live a life that I love, most days. And I do it on purpose. 

With my husband of 22 years, we are raising three boys that bring joy, pain, frustration and love into our lives. They have made us better humans and widen my perspective each and every day. Through the process of raising our boys and seeing their struggles as well as understanding the resilience that we have nurtured in our own lives, I am well positioned to help others in their own life transitions.

As a trained educator and mental health advocate, I have the training and resources to help families, teams,  and individuals shift their thinking, habits, and ideas to transform their relationships. I also know that it is through connection that we all find our direction towards a day to day that feels better. 

Humans thrive when they come together in positive ways. I help clients unlock what is keeping them from true connection whether that is at home, work, or with their closest connections. As we embark on the next phases of our lives with aging parents and children heading into their own homes, we can employ proactive strategies that keep us close and even bring us all closer together.

My kids will tell you, I laugh a lot, I think ice and advil can solve most complaints, and I read far too much non-fiction. Let's connect so I can help you to transform the relationships that matter most to you!

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